Italy is in fifth place in the ranking of global tourist destinations, for number of visitors and for tourist spending.It is preceded by the US, Spain, France and China. But what it gives more in Italy than in other countries? Culture, wellness, food and wine, sea and lakes, cities and small villages, mountains and parks … The Italian style is unique worldwide.

The tourists trying the Italian language in Venice

But tourists do not like to turn only Italy, they also want to live and capture the secrets of Italian culture and Venice is perfect for this role: they want to feel part of the city, interact with Italy and learn Italian in Venice, in a enjoyable and stimulating environment.

This is all possible thanks to Rossella Natale and his school "Italian in Venice" where, starting from daily actions such as shopping at the Rialto market, tourists is able to ask questions to passersby and analyze an artwork, and much more.

As time goes, I also changed the characteristics of the trips of foreign tourists in Italy: a new frontier is to learn Italian, experiencing Italy through the Italian language lessons in Venice, walking through the road, sailing by boat or cooking traditional Italian’s food.

Venice offers both relaxing time and a thousand of different activities, the trend among tourists is to learn Italian language on boat but, also, the classic appetizer is appreciated: next to a glass of Italian wine, tourists can taste the traditional Venetian "cicchetti", learning Italian step by step.

In the afternoon, the students of the school Italian in Venice learn how to prepare various traditional dishes and in the evening they have dinner, accompany the dishes prepared before with a variety of local and regional Italian wines. In doing so, they improve their understanding and communication of Italian in a practical and involving, reproducing the atmosphere of Italian cuisine.

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